Decorating your Kitchen and Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom, kitchen or other living space can be an exciting and rewarding venture however, expenses can run high. There are several tips that will help when decorating on a budget such as first planning before you begin your decorating projects. To begin, find a design that inspires you check out magazines and the Internet to find a style you would like to imitate. The next step is to break your project into specific components like flooring, furniture, accessories, paint and dcor. Look carefully at your finances. Set aside some money until you reach your goal.

Re-purpose what you have

Another tip is to redo what you already have. Check out what is available and look at items you can revitalize. Perhaps you could reface your kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones. Or, maybe you could make your bedroom furniture look great by simply giving it a new coat of paint. Check out the various bathroom sink taps at your local home improvement store

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What about some furniture?

When your budget is limited, you need to spend money where you can get the most for your dollars. What this means when considering interior design is that a large amount of your budget could go towards buying quality furniture. Furniture will last a long time if properly taken care of and is a wise way to spend your money.

Check out your local thrift store!

As many know, decorating any space can be costly however, you may be able to decorate nicely by visiting your local thrift store. Find out what days they get new inventory and then get there early to look at everything that is available. You can also find out more about thrift shop items from their thrift website. Also, check out auctions or free-cycle ventures. What about yard sales or going-out-of-business sales? As you look for second hand items, remember quality is much more important than style. Style can always be altered such as buying a different lamp shade one that will look better with your interior design.

Keep your colours bold!

Bold colors are not only inexpensive they also blend well or give a great contrast to furniture and accessories. Bold colors also give a contemporary look a look that makes your decorating ideas stand out. Colors of red, green, orange and gold can turn an ordinary room into something wonderful!

Create a minimalist design style

When you decorate in a minimalist style, your costs will, of course, be minimal but your dcor will look great. Keeping things simple is a trick that many decorators perform but seldom talk about. Clean lines, natural materials and lighting are unobtrusive but have a classy look.

To conclude, decorating your bathroom, kitchen or other living space can be an exciting and rewarding venture however, expenses can run high. Talk with an interior designer soon and find out more about decorating your home! With the many advantages that come from decorating, it just makes sense to give it a try!